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Begins February 1, 2017

I Wanna F*cking Tear You Apartwritten and directed by Morgan Gould

Samantha and Leo are a team—best friends and roommates, fat girl and gay guy against the world—until a new friend upends their cozy co-dependent diet of mutual self-loathing and Grey’s Anatomy marathons. An ode to the complications of friendship in its many messed-up forms, with a special nod to a kind of love that sometimes looks a lot like rage. Produced as a part of Studio R&D, Studio Theatre’s new works initiative.


When Friendships Fall

Writing from a place of sincerity, Gould has created a set of unforgettable characters and captured the joy and heartbreaking desire of deep friendships while asking probing questions about fatness, ambition, and the cost of living in a world that finds you unacceptable in some way.


 Pop Culture References

Director and playwright Morgan Gould is no stranger to the finer points of pop culture. I Wanna F*cking Tear You Apart is full of references and allusions to a wide array of television programs. Assistant director Laura Scialdone took a moment to ask Morgan about the intentions behind these choices.