Jacob Lawrence Silkscreens At The Phillips


A rare exhibit of silkscreen prints by American artist Jacob Lawrence is now featured at The Phillips Collection located in Washington’s Dupont Circle neighborhood.

The series created between 1986 and 1987 portrays the life of Toussaint L’Ouverture (1743-1803), the former slave turned leader of Haiti’s independence movement.  The movement was not only  a fight to liberate Haiti from French colonial rule, but also to free the salves during the 1791 Haitian Revolution, which was the first successful campaign to abolish slavery in modern history.

In this group of panels, Lawrence highlights the life of the valiant leader L’Ouverture by depicting Haiti’s transformation from an enclaved French colony to the first black Western republic.   Besides that theme, he also demonstrates the country’s ongoing struggle to overcome poverty and political instability.’’

The Phillips Collection, America’s first museum of Modern art, is one of the world’s most distinguished collections of Impressionist and Modern American and European art. Stressing the continuity between art of the past and present, it offers a strikingly original and experimental approach to Modern art by combining works of different nationalities and periods in displays that change frequently.


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