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Just a little more than an hour south of Washington, DC lies a park full of fun and memories for every member of the family.  From thrill rides, Snoopy’s special tyke rides, entertainment and a water park nobody walks away bored.

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This is how Kings Dominion suggests you plan your trip:

So you’re planning a trip to Kings Dominion and Soak City, awesome! Think of all the fun you can have! You can erupt out of Volcano, take a spin on Delirium, conquer your fear of heights on Intimidator 305, drop off Paradise Plunge, catch a wave in one of the two wave pools or kick back on Lazy Rider. Honestly, there’s almost too much fun for one day. How could you possibly get it all done? Don’t worry, we’re here for you.

First things first, you’ll want to decide on a day to visit. It may be easiest to fit a trip in on a Saturday, but that is nearly always the busiest day of the week. If you are trying to fit the most into one day, your best bet is to visit any day between Monday and Thursday. IF you absolutely can’t make it during that time frame, your next best bet would be either a Friday or Sunday.

Once you narrow it down to a day, you’ll need to plan to arrive early. The park opens at 10:30 until late September, but you’ll want to get here before then. The front gates usually open at 10 so you can get into the park and squeeze in a ride on Dominator or Berserker.

At 10:30, the gates to the rest of the park will open. If you are a thrill seeker, your next move should be towards Safari Village. This is home to six of our coasters. I would suggest going straight for Volcano, so you’ll hopefully be able to beat the crowd before the line gets out of hand. After Volcano, feel free to snag a ride on any of the rides in Safari Village or Candy Apple Grove. Keep in mind that the lines tend to get longer as the day goes on, so try to fit as many of the coasters as you can.

Once you’ve had all the fun you can handle in Soak City, it’s time to get back to the rides. By this time lines are probably at their peak. If you have little ones this would be a great time to take a stroll through Planet Snoopy. If kid rides aren’t for you, try out some of the thrill rides like Delirium, Crypt or WindSeeker and old classics like the Grand Carousel, Dodgem, Wave Swinger or Americana.

As night approaches the lines may start to die down again. This would be a great time to head over to Old Virginia for a ride on Grizzly. It’s hard to beat a night ride on a wooden coaster through the woods. After that, the night is yours! Ride to your heart’s content, or at least until the park closes!


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